akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

KLMBH Epic Bash - 27.06.2010

one happy rider

How was the ride?

Well, there are plenty evidence indicating that it was planned, organized and executed with fine details from the beginning up to the bash day. Unfortunately, it was very much scarred by the rain falling the night before.

Me, I have no much fun riding it, compared to last year's bash. But, that doesn't mean that it was not worth the planning, travel and $ spent. I aimed to finish all the sections, but didn't. Only managed to get to Section 2 (Water Point 1) at 23 km mark, and went a bit further towards Section 3. Just a bit further, but headed back to WP1 and took the chicken run for another 6 km back to base.

Why? I suffered chainsuck and minor cramps on the toes by the time I reached WP1, but decided to head to Section 3 and perhaps get back to base after that via chicken run. Mental tiredness added to the combination and made me retreat then get back to base.

This was how it went. At the 8th km I stopped climbing, and was very much reluctant to push the bike uphill for the next 2 km. My legs couldn't take it, plus the chainsuck on the granny which makes the climb difficult.
After the highest point of the bash at 10+ km mark, I was ready to go downhill. Unfortunately, the trail condition didn't permit so. It was muddy and all I did was skidding and went down without much control. Downhill with no brakes applied, but the bike just wouldn't move. Combination of loose bamboo leaves and mud clogged the bike both at the fork crown and rearstays. That happened so many times, and I finally gave up with it and hike the bike down.

Then there was the river crossing; I stripped away the mud clog and took out the sands in my socks so as not to suffer blister later on. Moved on, and soon I reached Section 1. The treat of a sweet singletrack right after Section 1 was awesome. That's the highlight of the ride for me.

Rode to Section 2 cum Water Point 1 along with EG and Kadafi. A few stops, for EG suffered heavy cramps. Finally we reached Section 2 (WP1) at about 1.15 pm. That's past the cutoff time already, but we were allowed to go through to the next one. Replenished my water bottle with plain water only, because Hammer Heed was already drained by then. After a banana and few short gulps of water, Kadafi and I ventured towards Section 3. Chainsuck and mental tiredness marred my hope of getting there, so I trod back to WP1 while Kadafi went on.

I know that I'm ahead of many other friends, so I just sat there and rested while waiting for them. Reza and Iyan came by, together with BC Kelolo and Shahrul too. EG went to the stream nearby and washed his bike there. I don't know what time it was when we headed back to Restoran Al Salma where we started our bash.

We were greeted by a lucky draw ballot box, and there's the other high point of my epic bash this year - I won a single Maxxis Aspen foldable tyre sponsored by GH Speedworks (a visit to the Spesh boutique later on confirmed that the retail of the tyre is RM99). Secured the bike on top of Reza's Myvi, and headed back to the restaurant to join Pasir Gudang gang for a heap of biryani and a Coke.

Well, that's my Epic Bash for this year. Not as good as the last year's. But then again, I'm only a guest for their event, and I know that the hares had worked so hard to make it happen (for instance, notice the long paper printed with KLMBH?). Most people would blame it on the weather, but for me it's a combination of many things. My bike condition, my health condition (I caught fever on the way to KL), and the trail condition makes such outcome. Many would agree though, that should it not rained the night before, the trail would be much different - enjoyable. Kudos to the hares and everyone involved in the bash.

I had a few agendas going up to KL, and all of them were fulfilled except of course one, finishing the Epic. I'm happy with the travel, I would say.
COD Umar's babyseat from Kiat in Segambut - check.
Join the Epic Bash - check; but DNF. Got myself a free tyre from lucky draw - that's a bonus cum consolation.
Meet friends at the bash - check.
COD RiBMo tyres from Fazil in Wangsa Maju (changed venue to Spesh boutique later on) - check.
Visit Spesh boutique in Damansara - check.

If you were there at the bash, how was your ride?
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a nice day.

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