akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday, 26 July 2010

One More Parking Space

peraduan teka bilangan kenderaan. hantarkan jawapan anda segera.
I have not used my privelege to park in the parking lot outside the yard last week, except for Saturday. Of recent weeks, parked cars are overflowing to the side of the Pasir Gudang Highway, to some 200 meters on the left and right of the entrance to MMHE. If you're late, you'll be penalised as such. Usually when I reach the entrance at 7.40 am, cars are already lined up parked at the roadside.
It's a bad state. There were numerous incidents of vehicle theft and damages when parked in the parking lot before this, what's more if they are left out in the open. Well, I believe the security guards would not cover their patrolling area to such extent, outside of the parking lot and along the highway. I don't think the security of vehicles are in their job scope, anyway.
My solution is to be defensive. Mak would drive me to the workplace on the days when she's using the car during the day. I would RTW on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, if it's raining on Tue and Thu, I would have to ask Mak's help. Well, not on all rainy Tue & Thu. On Fridays, I rely on Yad's car to carpool with 2 other mates to go for solat Jumaat.
I asked my colleague, how far is it from MMHE flat to the yard? Well, it's only around 5km. That's less than half of my normal RTW distance. I would RTW everyday, with that distance, insyaAllah. Not a big effort comparatively to what I'm doing now.
But, if I'm able to convince my mates to RTW, we'll be lining up in the toilet to use the single shower booth. Naahh... I'll just let them worry about parking their cars and motors, then...
Be safe on the road, y'all.
Thanks for coming over.


Unknown said...

Gilalah for a person to drive to office only to have this cramped parking. Lucky you with your door to door privilege as a cyclist. Don't share you 'little' secret ya..

aminudin@amienze said...

bro, same situation here, i have the shower all to myself ... now i rtw except on sundays ... btw, kedah ahad keje jumaaat cuti :=)

en_me said...

salam bro.. nice biking story.. dh lamer tak masuk mmhe, dulu nama dia mse kanns..

akmalhizam said...

so far i'm the only one who's using the shower. heheh...
parking is one thing. to the main gate is a few minutes walk. after that it could be another more than 10 minutes, depending on where your work station is. the yard area is HUGE.

Waa... congratulations to you! Ni dah sama macam Rezdrake dah ni.
Keep it up, bro!

w'salaam. thanks for dropping by.
yes, MMHE was known as MSE not so long ago. sekarang ni dah berubah banyak dah.

zam said...

wowwwwwwwwww...full of motocycle...

this cruel...

dpt offer sbg operator marin...bnyak noo moto...ada kes tak?..

akmalhizam said...

yes, ada la juga kes. kat belah depan ni moto, kat belah belakang tu keta. dan sekarang ni melimpah sampai ke tepi highway pasir gudang dalam 300m dari yard entrance.
7.30 tu kira dah lambat