akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday, 14 July 2008

cycled to work!

inspired by BC Kelolo and Yusof's bike-to-work experience, i finally gathered all strength to cycle to work last Saturday (see "what are you looking at/for II - cycling").
by 'all strength', i mean mental (most important) and physical.
it doesn't have to be a day-to-day fare. it could be a saturdays-only recreation.

i chose saturday to cycle to work because:
1. not much traffic
2. it's not a school day - no need to pick up my daughter from school

basically, those two were the main things halting my plans to cycle to work. although there's another one, i chose to ignore it: cycling home in the hot afternoon (saturday being a half day).

there are enough reasons for me to cycle to work.
the obvious ones are the usual - save petrol, being green, health benefits, etc.
other than those, these are the things that i have at the office to support my cycling to work:
1. shower
2. shelter (use the pantry just beside the office to store the bike safely)
3. air-conditioned office (phew, alhamdulillah!)
4. saturdays are dress-down days - no need to wear pressed shirts and slacks in the office

perhaps it would make it easier if i cut my hair real short a la prisonheads - no need to worry about my hair, should i ever don't have the time to shower. just change to collared t-shirts and spray a li'l bit of perfume.

i used naza's bike as it is lighter than my t-bolt, and wouldn't make a front page news. her bike is not equipped with a meter, so no stats of the ride. a rough estimate of yesterday's ride time to work: 35 minutes. i originally thought it would take me 50 minutes. coming home, i didn't bother to gauge the time. happily spinning home under the hot sun (pant! pant!).

this inspires me to cycle to work every working saturday (2nd, 4th and 5th of the month). and, to build myself a hardtail for that.
heh heh heh...

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