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akmal's bike park

Friday, 26 September 2008

K2 Pro-Flex

I bought this bike (or remnants of it) from my younger brother Apis.
He bought it (long ago) from a friend.
After quite some time searching, i finally found the make and model of the bike.
I was browsing thru old MB Action magazines bought from Darren, and i saw it - K2 Pro-Flex bike.
Old school. And it's a K2, man! Cool, then.
I continued my search online, and it brought me to BikePedia.
Finally I got hold of the original specs - much of it is no longer on the bike. I narrowed down to three models similar to the one that is with me:
photos below taken from BikePedia

K2 ProFlex 1000

K2 ProFlex 2000

K2 ProFlex 3000

It's a 1998 model. Wow! From 10 years ago.
Well, I guess it's the 1000 model. The other two boast with Noleen Cross-Link forks (or are they Girvin?). I don't think the original owner would swap the Cross-Link fork with an 80mm Manitou Magnum. But then again, 1000 would have RS Indy fork.
Ahh... Never mind.

When I bought the carcass, I was thinking of only salvaging usable parts for building a hardtail. Well, I got a few:
  • Bontrager 50mm stem
  • Titec 25.4 riser handlebar
  • Titec 27.2 seatpost
  • V-brake bosses from Manitou Magnum fork
  • Shimano Deore XT hubs (for v-brakes)
  • Amoeba head-lock
  • Rims (later tossed away, changed to Mavic 719s)
It is interesting to note that the shifters were XTR. Anyway, they're in bad condition, only the barrel adjusters are usable. If you need them, leave your contact details.

I'm thinking of rebuilding the bike. Three major things with the frame:
  1. Swingarm bushing need to be changed - don't know where to get
  2. Rear coil shock - not in good condition - say, 6/10
  3. Rear v-brake boss bracket damaged
For #3: to resort to disc brake, I have to source for the adapter (as pictured below).
Anybody kind enough to help me with this?

A2Z rear disc brake adapter - photo taken from internet (sorry, didn't take note of the URL)

Another problem: I don't have the space for another bike. Duhh!!

Anyway, it'd be a heck of a project. Perhaps someday. Yeah, maybe someday.

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