akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Cateye Mity 8

I lost my trusty meter during last Sunday's offroad outing in Seri Alam.
How's that for a nice excuse to get myself a new one. Yay!
Thinking that it would serve a few purpose, so I went ahead with it. To be honest, it was not really with much thinking, actually.
Anyway, it means:
1. A newer design than my Velo 8.
2. Hopefully better features.
3. A spare magnet for my RTW wheelset with slicks.
It was purely by chance that I ended up with Cateye Mity 8 (CC-MT400). Well, it's no accident that it's a Cateye, since I wanted it to be compatible with Velo 8's bracket and sensor. I've more or less narrowed down my choice to either Enduro 8 or Mity 8. I made a few calls that Sunday afternoon, and most shops are selling at about RM85. Surprisingly, Velo 8 is priced at RM80.

I went to the bike shop in Masai to send Marsya's front wheelset for repair. They have a Mity 8 (the only Cateye meter in the shop), and after haggling with the owner, I managed to get it for RM80. Not too bad. No need to burn fuel to Skudai or Tampoi. No need to wait for a few days if through BBS. And best of all, it's priced the same as Velo 8 - although I would be happier if it's not more than RM70.
Spent an hour to understand the functions of Mity 8 through the included manual. The difference with Velo 8 is that this one does away with the calorimeter (not of much use to me, by the way). Other new functions are dual trip distance and dual tire setting. Both are perfect for my RTW/offroad rides.
With dual distance, I could set the distance for my RTW to and from the office. With dual tire setting, I could set it for the two wheelsets I'm using - one for slicks (26/1.6") and another for knobbies (26/2.1").
Another plus: I could set the odometer manually. Currently continuing at 3500 km mark (my rough estimate of my dear 'ol Velo 8's reading).
I have to note here also that Cateye has improved the meter bracket for handlebar (no more using cable ties) and the sensor bracket for fork leg mounting. Much better than the Velo 8's.
Well, it proved to be a good buy in many aspects. Just that this morning I went out RTW without installing the new extra magnet on my slicks wheelset. Duhh!

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