akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Sunday 22 August 2010

Umar Rides

I finally installed the baby carrier yesterday, and Umar had his first taste of free wind, riding with me in front of the house. Just a few short laps.
Hehe... I'm the one with the big grin, actually.

Well, after this the whole family could ride together around the housing area and the lake in front of Teratak Seri Alam.

photos by Marsya


reza! said...

pandai marsya buat panning shot, mane belajar??

akmalhizam said...

tu ar...
aku pun tak reti. dia pandai sendiri-sendiri. tapi memang lawa lah, aku pun puji. sengeh je dia.

en_me said...

yep.. cool panning shot

Ben Soon said...

Hi Akmal, I wrote a story after being inspired by your post.


akmalhizam said...

Thanks. I'll relay that to Marysa.

Thanks for dropping by. Your account on the ride is nice, and a bit scary too.
It's nice to rewind back 20 years, right?

alyn said...

boleh share carrier tu beli dekat mana?