akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

RTW: 30.11.2011 - 4th monthlong

Just to share with you, I have completed the year's 4th monthlong this morning. That's 1 above my target, which is to have a monthlong for each 4 months this year.

Albeit, the monthlong started late which is during July, followed by August, September and November. Sadly it would have been  a 5-months back-to-back monthlongs if it were not because of the broken streak on October 5th. Never mind, as long as target is achieved, and now going beyond that. InsyaAllah in December too.

However, I have to say that November is a relaxed RTW because for the 30 days in Nov, my actual RTW is only for 15 days. This is due to annual leave, MC, public holidays, and outstation work in KL.

The odometer has gone beyond the 9,999 km mark now, and to my surprise it is continuing to 10,000. This morning it went to 10,134 km. Because of the extra digit in front, the meter dropped the decimal point. While it would be nice to see the odometer reaching 20,000 km, I prefer to have the decimal point displayed. Resetting soon.
Note: the odometer started from November 2007

Have a good ride, y'all.
Thanks for coming over.

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