akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 23 August 2012

RTW: 23.08.2012 back after a month


I was yearning for a ride yesterday. And I did it today, half-obliged on my Trance with knobbies (!).

The office (and the whole Pasir Gudang) is still on extended Eid leave, except for my Filipino mates and some people who share the same fate with me - not allowed to take extended leave due to project demands.
My parents are at my home with the rest of the family still on school festive holiday. They have plans to go here-and-there with the car and so I have to RTW.

One small problem: the Kona Nunu RTW Machine is buried quite deep in the store room. Being away for the Eid holiday, I can't afford to leave it outside so I put it in there. The Trance is ever ready in the living room, though. I was too tired last night to get Nunu ready for this morning's RTW so I went out with Trance.

Stats this morning:
Out from home 0718  hours
Arrive office 0752  hours
Door-to-door 34  mins
Ride time 31' 25"  
Distance 11.5  km
Ave. speed 22.0  km/h
Max speed 36.5  km/h
Odometer 340.8  km
Good doggies 0  
Bike / Tire Trance/knobbies  

I'm happy to report that the average speed is quite good for a long absentee. However, I have to note here that I'm a bit tired after my shower and taking some time to recover. Anyway, I'm elated.

Not much difference on the surroundings en route, except that the coastal highway was without as much vehicles. Easier for me to cross the road. Quite boring, actually. Perhaps a venture offroad on the way back?

Have a good day ahead, guys.
Thanks for stopping over.

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