akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Sunday 12 October 2014

08.06.2014 Ride around Taman Desa Ros

Hafazi scaling the narrow path
Just before the start of Ramadhan, the three of us from Taman Desa Ros (twins Hafizal and Hafazi and yours truly) explored our neighbourhood. while the trees are still there, and looking for possible connecting route to Forest Heights.
beyond the trees is Forest Heights

We came unequipped, though. What looks like a possible trail to FH is inexplorable unless we have parangs or a chainsaw. Anyway, we ventured on and went out towards Taman Guru. Apparently there is way to get there but only by foot; that is, if you cross over the fence. Respecting the boundary, we stopped just there and headed back.
towards Taman Guru

just next to Taman Guru
 As a bonus, though, the nearby green patch has potential for a short technical course.
Hafazi rolling down
Hafizal contemplating (and went rolling short after)

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