akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday, 28 November 2014

Weight Training Benefits Cycling

I signed up with a gym a few months ago (okay, my wife persuaded me to join her) with a bit of reluctance. It is the commitment bit that makes me resisting the idea. Anyway, since she's insisting on it herself, I gave in and accompanied her. Nothing to lose for me (she's paying. Ha!), and everything to gain.
*cue Rocky theme song and the Philly steps scene

At first, we went for treadmill runs and stuff. We fiddled a bit with the machine weights with minimal instructions from the trainers. Nothing much of a structured fitness program, really. A month after that, we went for the free Personal Training session that came with our membership.

Basically it was really a fitness benchmarking, and also the gym's marketing bit in selling their real deal - PT sessions. I flopped real bad, especially on upper body and core strength. The legs (from cycling and running) are strong but could be better.

I have to say that the program is expensive, but for someone who does not have any idea about fitness and strength training, best to leave it to the expert. And so my trainer drew up a training plan for me for the next six months. Well, I agreed for a three month program and later on see how things develop down the road.

The program tackles with strengthening the core muscles, along with big and small muscles.
It has been 9 sessions now, and I have felt the difference in my strength and ability. Of course this is coupled with a change in diet (though not totally strict on it).

Take for example my recent ride in Tampin jamboree. Alhamdulillah I managed to climb the hills much better than I would than before; I surprised even myself. The parallel foot position during coasting downhill was also not tiring my quads as I would before. I believe it is from the leg presses, leg extensions and curls that I did during weight training. I could really feel that the legs are stronger. Thus I had fun in the ride. Also the core strength exercise helped in my body positioning on the bike. With stronger back and midsection, I could sit better on the saddle and ever ready to move about when needed i.e. for downhills, cornering and climbing.

Albeit, I'm still not through yet with the program. Meaning the legs can be made stronger still. As it is, I'm happy with the change that I felt so far, and am determined to get stronger insyaAllah.

If there area local gyms available near you (and cheap), I strongly suggest for you to turn up into one and get started. Find out about the program that they can offer you to be stronger. Only with strength and stamina would we able to enjoy our rides to the fullest (and perhaps also to take part in races).

At least we need strong upper body to push the bike uphill, no?

Thanks for reading.
Get stronger.

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