akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Touring: Labis to Seremban - Day 1 (Part 3: Pagoh to Muar)

20.05.2015, Wednesday.
Pagoh to Muar

After snacking at Pagoh, we pedaled on towards the final destination of the day to Muar. Some 30 km away. We are going to spend the night there, at a homestay owned by Latfy's in-laws family on Lorong Mastan off Jalan Abdullah.

We went along Jalan Muar-Labis (J32), practically right to its very end (or its beginning?). We passed by Nasuha Herbal Farm, Bukit Pasir, Sungai Terap and Kampung Temiang. Not long after that we arrived at an archway on Jalan Salleh welcoming us to Muar.  It was already 7.00 pm by that time, early dusk. 4 km after that, we reached our destination safely.

a nice looking house by the roadside
slowly reaching Muar
the arch welcoming us to Muar
I felt a bit slow when pedaling towards Muar at Pagoh. We stopped at Nasuha Herbal Farm to check if my brake pads are rubbing on the rim or tyre. None such things. When I turned around and looked back to where we came from, only then I noticed that we were actually climbing a mild ascend. And perhaps I'm already tired by then.

Latfy was looking for a thru-axle rear hub for his mountain bike, so we went on straight to S2H Cycles not far from where the homestay is, at Jalan Abdullah. Naturally, we spent some time (less than an hour - that's pretty quick!) browsing the shop. I bought a pair of spare cables and a rear view mirror for myself, especially for this touring. Also, I bought bottle cage which is adjustable for Latfy to use. It is convenient as it could accept various sizes of bottles - 500 ml mineral water, 500 ml soft drink PET and of course standard cycling water bottle.

Kak Bone's Homestay and its welcoming verandah
At about 7.50 pm we turned back to Lorong Mastan. Latfy's relative, Fendi, was already there to welcome us at Kak Bone Homestay. We had a short rest on the nice, cosy verandah for a while before freshening up. Nothing beats the feeling of cold water splashing on my body and the soap removing dust and dirt from the road. Such simple bliss is very much enjoyable, and I savour the whole 10 minutes of my shower.

spoilt for choice!
We have reached our destination for the day, bodies cleaned and our tummies were famished begging for food. We walked out towards a stall at Jalan Abdullah. A plethora of food at the nasi campur food. They serve lots of delicious dishes to go with white rice and you're spoilt for choice; and they also have different kinds of food to appease your palate should you decide not to have rice - fried bihun, fried mee, nasi goreng, fried kuay teow and nasi lemak. Price is agreeable.

There's nothing much to do after dinner, really. Well, actually we were looking forward for a rest at the homestay; and a good night's sleep. We spent some time out at the verandah to loosen up and relaxed a bit over the hot tea served by the host. Then we retreated into the house and solat, rearranged our panniers and stuff and went off to sleep.

Lights off. Another adventure tomorrow.


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