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akmal's bike park

Monday, 11 August 2008

frame swap, bike spec, octalink special plug tool

I've decided to have the Schwinn Mesa for myself, and build a new hardtail for Naza.
I've got hold of a white (nice) 17" GT Avalanche frame. It is quite big for her. So I swapped that frame with an electric blue/black 15" Diamondback Apex SL from Angah. I had to top-up a bit more cash for that, but I think it's worth it. The DB frame is lighter and suits Naza.

Component-wise, I decided to have full LX for Apex SL, and SRAMs for Mesa and T-Bolt.
For Apex SL (mostly Shimano):
  • RST Omega fork
  • LX crankset
  • Deore shifters
  • LX FD
  • LX RD
  • Tektro IO disc brakes
  • Tektro Sensir brake levers
For Mesa (mostly SRAM):
  • Rock Shox Judy TT fork
  • Truvativ FiveD crankset
  • X.5 shifters
  • X.5 RD
  • Alivio FD
  • LX v-brakes
  • Commencal brake levers
For T-Bolt (mostly SRAM):
  • Rock Shox Revelation 409 fork
  • Fox Float R rear shock
  • Truvativ Stylo crankset
  • X.9 shifters
  • X.9 RD
  • LX FD (e-type) - can't be helped, T-Bolt's frame limitation.
  • Avid BB7 brakes
  • XT brake levers (can't get Avid levers for now)
  • X.9 cassette
  • XT chain
All three are having WTB saddles: PureV for T-Bolt and RocketV (with reflector fabric) for Mesa and Apex SL.
First snag: I can't get the LX crankset out of T-Bolt. It's an octalink FC-M570 crankset. Need a special tool to get the crankset out of the BB.
From Shimano's site, it is listed as:
Special Plug Tool TL-FC15
for FC-5502/FC-5505/FC-M572
Code No. Y-130 09180
Okay, that's a lot of numbers and alphabets.
A quick call to Panjang, he directed me to Atuk. He's the only one who has the special tool in the whole Pasir Gudang. Turns out that Atuk machined the tool himself - custom made. Nice.
Yesterday Atuk lent me the tool, and at this point of time I've yet have the time to try it out.
Will do it soon, insyaAllah, and report about the adventure here.

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