akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 23 December 2008

RTW 23.12.2008

There are a few differences for today's Ride To Work, compared to my previous ones:
  1. Route is from Seri Alam to MMHE.
  2. Not using the Pasir Gudang Highway (except for technically 20 meters or so).
  3. Explored new route, thus no. 2 above.
  4. On a Tuesday morning.
This time, I went along a much safer route, whereby not riding along many vehicles except for a few places (short distances only, even so).
  • Riding to work, distance covered 12.9 km.
  • Average speed is at 20 km/h
  • Max speed 36.4 km/h
  • Travel time 38 min 31 sec
I'm quite happy with this morning's ride. Particularly because I managed to explore a safe route. Another plus is that it has been some time since I did my last RTW. I needed the adrenaline, endorphin and sweat that goes along with it, especially during this week - to ease of the stress (I think I'm suffering a bit of it).

While riding, I thought to myself,
"This is good. People may jog a few km a day before or after going to work. RTW is different - I'm sweating out while getting to the workplace, and enjoying the evening ride going back home".
I'm planning to do it at least once in a week. Twice if it's a working Saturday week. Soon my odometer would hit a millennium, insyaAllah. And, if I couple it with proper healthy food, I'll get my sixpack in a few months.

How about you? Ride with me?


azizan abd aziz said...


great to know that u ride to work as well. Maybe u can get together once a month for bike commuter in your area. I am planning to do it for kl bike commuters on 16jan 09.

akmalhizam said...

Hope so. Just that I don't have any info of other riders. So far, I met only Bangla bros along the way. Hehe...