akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday 31 December 2008

riders abundant

You can really run a conversation on mtb - with anyone, everywhere.
Riders are everywhere - of course you'll easily kill/fill a few hours by chatting with them on all sorts of topics related to mtb.
Or, anyone would know someone who rides mtb. You can chat with them also around the topic of your bike and your riding experiences. Perhaps, they'll be lured to join the mass too!

In my case, the washing machine repairman is a rider as well. Three days ago I called Mr. Choh to repair my washing machine. The last time he came was two years ago.
He took an hour at my house the other day when he came for the repair work. 20 minutes for the job, and the rest chatting with me about mtb.

So Dino, you can add 'washing machine repair man' too.

Also, there are a few riders in my new neighbourhood too. Hairul and Amir are two of them. We went offroad together during x'mas day.

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Unknown said...

Hehehe.. I shud add comedian too :)
Was at Putrajaya on 31/12 morning doing light and easy ride by lakeside just to kill time before my appointment at 10am. After ride, I took breakfast at Mamak in Presint 9 and saw Opie (son of Zami Ismail) who happened to have breakfast there after cycling too. He's roadie.