akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 9 April 2009

RTW 09.04.2009 - clipless

It has been almost a month since my last RTW. I went out a bit late today, and took the shortcut route.

I went out at 0710 hours. Stats today (to):

Distance: 12.45km
Average speed: 24.6 km/h. Unsangkarable.
Max speed: 38.7km/h
Ride time: 30 mins 25 secs
Total ride time: about 37 minutes (traffic lights, crossing the road, etc.)
Number of doggies: One. She was actually startled when I rang my bell while she was about to cross the street after peeing on some rubbish by the roadside :)

At 0630 this morning, it was pouring down for a while. By the time I was out of the house, it stopped, leaving the road a bit wet. Never mind. I'm riding clipless to work today, for the first time.

Virtually riding with 44T in front and 11T at the rear for most of the time. Thanks largely to the magic of clipless pedaling system. It actually helps to pull up the pedal and gain more pushing power. Thus, the high gearing and high speed henceforth. So, I could more or less maintain my speed and momentum. Also by the grace of Allah, I stopped only thrice (usually 5-6) at the junctions and traffic lights - seems like that traffic lights are cooperating for this historic day(!).

Well, perhaps reaching above 25km/h someday? Not a target, really, but I'll post about it if the day arrives.

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