akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 23 April 2009

think green

I don't really calculate how much I save on petrol bills when I RTW. Non-monetary benefits that I get out of it, however, I cherish so much:
  • Stress buster. A way for me to vent my steam - through the pedals.
  • Workout for my health. Remember - health is wealth.
  • Disciplined, time-wise. I seldom arrive at the office later than 0740 hours on my RTW days.
  • Being green - one less car on the road (and one free parking space in front of my office for others too).
  • Saves me money. I'm less prone to divert to hypermarkets or even a sundry shop, compared to if I'm driving the car.
However, you can calculate how much you save by riding a bicycle to work with tips from Azizan.

I'm not really a green guy, but I like to think that I contribute a small part whenever I RTW.

image hacked from my friend T's original.

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Unknown said...

RTW is the way of life...