akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 2 July 2009

RTW 02.07.09 - the shortcut via Kg. Baru Masai

Went out at 0711 hours. Reached office at 0751 hours.


Stats today (to):

Ride time: 37m 31s

Dist: 12.50 km

Ave: 19.9 km/h

Max: 35.7 km/h

Odo: 2181.3 km

Good doggies: 2.


Running on full knobbies yesterday, I suffered yet another puncture on the rear tire on my way home. I decided to take my time with that, and put a patch on the tube. Usually I would just replace the punctured tube with my spare, and patch it at home. It marked my first time of patch and re-use the tube to move on. Time taken: didn’t care J


This morning I’m riding in puasa mode. Slow and steady, although I’m already late. My plan to catch up with the time lost: use the shortcut that Ramesh told me of. It’s a relatively flat route, going through Kg. Baru Masai.


I enjoyed the alternative route very much, though it’s only a short one before resuming back to my usual route at the downhill behind Balai Polis Masai. A change in scenery is nice. Nice indeed, looking at the rambutan trees gleaming with red and yellow patches early in the morning.  The kampong route brought me back to the days when I used to ride through Kg. Chubadak and Kg. Bandar Dalam in KL. Ahh… bliss…


Reached the office past 0750 hours, and my office mate greeted me with ‘lambat hari ni?’.



Well, the shortcut that I thought of is not really a shortcut. My distance traveled this morning is the same as my usual rides. I did skip the uphill at Suria area in Seri Alam. Not to mention the blissful time riding through Kg. Baru.

Thanks for the tip, Ramesh.


I’m still thinking of the rambutans hanging from the trees…

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