akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

MR MoBiC MTB Jamboree 2009 - Melaka


The four of us went to Melaka for the jamboree.

Originally it was only me, Reza and Helmy, participating under MMHE flag. EG decided (more of getting the info a bit late…) to join in as well. The initial plan of Reza and I going there with Avanza (while Helmy going solo) scrapped, and again EG found himself driving us with bikes atop – this time, destination Melaka.

Oops, we did stop by at Muar to collect and reinstall my newly serviced fork at Syarikat Seng Hin. No time for Mi Bandung Muar, though, as we have to rush to Petronas Penapisan Melaka (PPM) for the briefing and collect rider number, t-shirt and have dinner.

The trail is very nice, the organization was superb, and the whole experience is one to be remembered.

Spent the night at Abg Bakar’s place in Batu Berendam. Thanks to him, Adlee and people in the house for the great hospitality (as they always would have).

Adlee, ditch your golf set and get a bike! J


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cikman said...

Salam Akmal, petronas invitation ni pegi eh?? dapat no berapa?