akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 5 November 2009

K2 Proflex - resurrection?

S2H cycle in Muar is selling the A2Z DM-UNI disc brake mount adapter (although RM143 is quite steep a price for metal plates and some bolts+nuts). I spotted the item in their website by chance. Well, perhaps it was subliminal, for I have been looking for it at local bike shops but without any success.

Also, recently Jason in Permas Jaya said that he could strip old paints from bike frame for RM30. RM70 if with spray paint.

I have a spare pair of Mavic 719 wheelset complete with 9 speed cassette, BB7 with levers and rotors, LX crankset (with one damaged tooth on midring), chain, stem, handlebar, grips, pedals and seatpost. If I were to make this my new project, I'll have to get the rest: headset, new midring 32T, shifters and derailleurs - fd and rd, and fork. I wonder if the Fox Float R from t-bolt can be used for this frame.

To date, I have no idea what's the purpose of the build, other than to revive a classic full-susser.

Damage to the pocket is estimated to be about RM1k (yikes!) - that's with SLX shifters and derailleurs and 2nd hand Suntour XCR fork. If there are any buyer, I'm eager to start. Bidding starts now, reserve price is RM2k.

Any takers? Anda ada berani?


Afrezal Karim said...

fuh.. dah macam citer Wheeler Dealers dalam Astro motosport :). Classic full susser.. memang ko ni spesis yang penyayang kat bike bike ni.. kudos to you buddy.. :). Aku pun nak setup up project jugak.. tapi tunggu lepas kahwin laa haha.. insyallah..

akmalhizam said...

until this moment, actually the bike frame is still stowed away in Plentong. ada sesapa berminat nak beli frame tu? :)