akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

03.01.2010 - Seri Alam offroad

It's my first ride on road and offroad with the newly built-up EPX Hollowpoint. Supposed to be a review of the frame's geometry and handling. Went out at 7.30am towards Kafe Ruza in Taman Scientex. I was the last to have breakfast over there when I arrived. Saw lots of new faces, which is always a good thing. This mountain biking craze is picking up, really.

It seems that white is the rage, at the moment. Wak Leh is riding his new Asiamachine bike - in white and green, a replacement for his stolen Kona Coilair and another bike. Also, there was a Raleigh Enduro (24 speed) - in white and green, too. I like the sexy curvy top tube profile very much. And forgotten entirely to snap some photos. Duhh!

There were 22 riders starting from Taman Scientex that morning. We headed to Nusa Damai to the trailhead at 8.45am. Just as we were starting, 3 riders bailed out and have to retreat. with 19, we went to Seri Alam to meet up with another 3 riders awaiting there.

After a brief session of ice-breaking, we went to the observation tower (tower no longer exists) at Seri Alam. A few went up, the rest waiting near the Cactus Inn entrance. We went down and into the Seri Alam trail soon afterwards. Destination: lake.

On the way, Panjang went through a muddy waterfall. Err... he actually tripped and fell down into muddy water. Another collection of cuts and scrapes on his knee. We postponed the nursing to when we reach the lake. Jamal, Panjang and I went into a shaded area nearby the lake and dressed up Panjang's wounds. I don't know if the others were enjoying the swim in the lake, for when we were finished, it was time to go. I try not to be idling under the sun at the open area. Last 2 weeks I was there and suffered fever on Monday. Albeit, dipping in the lake is fun.

En route home, the wobbly bridge towards Dura Ace (a stop point) was found collapsed. Not only that, Kadafi's GT (now Afizan's) suffered a broken derailleur hanger. We made a river crossing and stopped by Dura Ace to remedy that. And the remedy was a painful one - single speed conversion, failing to utilise the spare hanger that I have. Too bad the frame's hanger is different from mine.

We went back towards Flora Heights. I have always dread that, for it means I have to endure 3 hills to get back to Seri Alam. However, it's different this time around. Panjang suggested to use the UniKL/MRSM Seri Alam construction entrance path. No more hills to tackle, but all the way coasting down the hill instead. Woo hooo! So after this, be it a FH ending or (even better) Seri Alam exit, I'm all for it. Nothing to lose.

My new frame? Can't really say much. Just that the geometry is about the same as Bianchi Mutt 17" (same size), hence the handling is quite the same. No apparent noticeable traits from the carbon rearstays. At least for now.

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