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Saturday 19 March 2011

Hydrapak Bladder Warranty Claim

I noticed that my Hydrapak 3L bladder leaking at the bottom outlet. Not the bottom valve, but at the joining of the bladder's outlet. This was after the GA MTB Ride. I'm not sure what causes it, and I don't bother about it anyway. What I know is that I've been using it for a good part of a year, so it is still under manufacturer's warranty.
In Malaysia, a 'warranty claim' has a remote possibility for it to be entertained. Well, I might as well spend RM5.70 for the poslaju and make a few calls, then see what happens. Worst scenario is that I would lose the bladder (can't be used anymore, anyway), and get a new one. That would open up an avenue to try out other brands and systems (Source by Deuter, Antidote by Camelbak, etc.).
It has been a few offroad outings I'm without a water bladder. I'm pretty much dependent on water bottles now, putting one on the bike frame and one in the backpack. It's not that I'm ditching water bladder altogether, no. What I'm saying is that currently I can do without it, but perhaps only for my normal offroad outings which is circa 3-4 hours. I've been using water bladder for the conveniences that it bring, in direct comparison to water bottles. Simple as that.
So, I called Leong of KHS TTDI and queried about the matter. Without hesitation and without further questions asked, he told me to send over the defective item and he'll despatch it to the agent for a possible replacement.
Here's the timeline: 
2nd March 2011: sent out via Poslaju to KHS
3rd March 2011: received by KHS
7th March 2011: called to confirm the item's status. KHS already sent to agent for warranty claim
17th March 2011: KHS called, informing that replacement item sent to me via courier - ETA 18th March 2011
18th March 2011: new bladder received in good condition. Me a happy customer.
soon: back with riding with water bladder in my backpack
So there you go. All I had to do was ask. My old and stained water bladder is now replaced with a new and clean unit. And I encourage y'all to do the same as well, if you have such case; not limited to bladders only though. Let's practice our consumer rights. Of course I have to thank KHS too, for their good service rendered.
Thanks for coming over.
Have a good weekend.


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thanks for pointing it out.
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