akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Light Riding at Tanjung Puteri Resort

Last Sunday the whole family went to Tanjung Puteri Resort.
Adam has a swimming lesson, a session that would last about 1½ hours. Usually when Umar is left at home with his mummy, I would take along the laptop and surf the internet while waiting for Adam. As the missus decided to swim, too, it went without saying that I have to babysit Umar.
Thus, I decided to load Naza's bike along with mine and Umar's babyseat into the car. Now that Marsya is always using Naza's bike, I could ride with her and Umar too. That would easily kill time.
I guess the temptation to ride the bike with me and Umar is stronger than swimming alone, making the missus to ditch her initial plan. So Marsya had to take turns with her.
The area around TPR is quite serene. There are not many cars, save for the occasional golfers coming in to the driving range. There are also bungalow lots within the resort area outside the clubhouse; we were allowed to cycle around. Uphill, actually. What I like most is its main road lined with trees, providing shades from the biting 10 am sun.
As a little taste of offroad for Marsya, we went to the horse ranch. She was a bit reluctant at first, but after I showed her some of the simple offroad skills, she gave it a try. 'Skill' here is how to ride across the puddle and rocks and getting over bumps. Not so much of a skill, really, but I think enough to entice her interest in mountain biking.
Umar? He pretty much enjoyed the ride, I guess. Hehe... Not much complaint from him, sitting at the back enjoying the ride.
more photos in here.


Anonymous said...

akmal..alif here...wah..interested la dgn carrier utk baby tu..nice...hehehe

akmalhizam said...

cap ayam je carrier tu.
better amik brand beto.
even better, topeak.