akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 26 January 2012

15.01.2012: Kota Tinggi Ride

the hills of Kota Tinggi (no, we didn't scale 'em)

It started with a phone call.

Sahri asked Ayub "Cap Ayam" Yahya of Cyclemotion for guides to chaperon around 15 MMHE riders through Kota Tinggi waterfall trail. At the same time, KBC and GACC riders were also planning for a ride at the same venue. Through Facebook, the number of riders ballooned to about 85. Awesome. It was like a mini jamboree for JB riders; something like what we had in Cahaya Masai a few years back (this one with a few Singaporeans and Americans too).

They say the more the merrier, but many are doubting that the ride would be enjoyable when you have that kind of number cramming through the trail. Honestly, I thought so too; but over the course of the trail, it turned out to be alright.

Kota Tinggi has been in my ride wishlist for a few years now, and finally I had the chance to experience it. The weather was nice - it rained briefly before dawn and the sky was clear throughout the day. Muddy and a bit humid but still it was good.

There were not one but two highlights of the ride. The best of all, they are presented right at the end of the ride and I savoured them. The obvious highlight was the waterfall where we dunked in and spent some time there (washed the bike in the stream, too). The other one was right before entering the trail to the waterfall. There was a magnificent reward after a long low-gradient climb at what seemed to be a quarry area. Reportedly, people hit up to 62km/h descending the long downhill. I did only 54km/h and the feeling was pure bliss. To top it off, the two rewards were only about 1km to the starting/finishing point. How about that.

I wouldn't mind to go for another round next time. Sure, insyaAllah.

To the good brothers from JB and elsewhere who joined the ride, it was nice having y'all around. Especially to Cyclemotion, here's a shout out for you guys.

Thank you, bros!

Photos are in here.

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