akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday, 27 April 2012

Commuter's Bike Shop

Wouldn't it be nice if we have a bike shop dedicated for non-sportive people. The specialty bike shop would cater for the needs of daily commuters, tourers, randonneurs and the like. For people who take cycling as a means of transport, not sports. Utilitarian Human Powered Vehicles.

The shop would have decent selection of commuter bikes, town bikes, Dutch bikes, hybrids, foldables, fixed gear and even recumbents - the kind of bikes (and 'bents) that people would use for travelling efficiently from point A to B. It should also have a comprehensive spread of parts, consumables, accessories and apparels for the needs of the commuters. What should the shop stock on? Read up Bicycle Times and Momentum magazine and you'll get the big picture. Of course, it would be a strange place to sell car bike racks.

I mentioned the above to my missus, and she quipped almost without hesitation:
why don't you open the bike shop yourself?

For now it's a pipe dream. And in that dream, the shop would have dedicated musolla, shower booths, bike parking facility, repair and maintenance area, and a riders' lounge. Well, pretty much like Mellow Johnny's. Oh, and the bike shop would hold leisure rides, tours and more importantly, cycling clinics. Yes, pretty much like MJ's.

I think there's such a bike shop in UPM, run by Akmal. Not me, though.

Thanks for dropping by.
Ride safe, and have a great weekend!

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