akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 20 November 2008

night ride - jb with the missus

18.11.2008 Tuesday

1. School holiday - no school for Naza.
2. Getting a bit tired from house chores during the day, she was contemplating whether going for a short roll around Seri Alam or around JB from Danga Bay (the original plan). We came at the junction - left to Seri Alam, right to Danga Bay. We swerved to the right. That's the spirit!
3. About 10pm we reached Rumah Limas at Danga Bay. Parked and got our bikes ready, we rolled. Naza now an expert in putting on the front tire, and then flipping the bike upright.
4. We crossed Jalan Skudai towards Istana Bukit Serene. Quite some time waiting at the roadside for the traffic to clear. Perhaps because of the school holiday, already 10pm but still the traffic is quite heavy.
5. Cruised along Jalan Straits View - secluded hilly road beside Istana Bukit Serene. Pace was slo-mo. Not much vehicles on this side of JB. No dogs, either. Cool and breezy.
6. Turned left and went down Jalan Kapten Mohd Amin, then took a left on Jalan Mohd Amin until the end. Another left on Jalan Sungai Chat to get to Jalan Kolam Ayer. Proceeded to Jalan Linkaran Dalam towards Stulang.
7. Nope, didn't ride to Stulang. Earlier intention was to go to Bukit Timbalan via Jalan Mahmoodiah and Jalan Yahaya Awal. Scraped that - I was not that brave to ride beside the graveyard. Instead, we turned left and took Jalan Abdul Samad.
8. Jalan Abdul Samad is a long hilly ride. Naza kept a steady pace and went up without much problem. Took a left and went down the hill on Jalan Nong Chik. Usually, for my normal Danga Bay night rides with the guys, we would go up the hill. I savoured the downhill that night. Woohoo!!
9. It's already 11pm by that time and Naza urged to go back to the car. 7km so far. Okay, I guess. A bit longer than our usual rides together nearby Seri Alam's lake.
10. Intimidated by the traffic along Jalan Skudai, we opted to tread along Jalan Straits View from Jalan Tengku Puteri. Some time later we were back in Danga Bay to the awaiting Avanza.
11. I asked her if she wants a teh tarik session, and she replied "dah penat-penat kayuh bakar lemak, taknak lah...". Well... we went back to Plentong.

route map:

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no photos of the ride.
ride stats:
distance about 11km
average speed 14km/h

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