akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Saturday 29 November 2008

ride pics - plentong hash trail (half of it)

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ride date 23.11.2008 (Sunday)

I missed the Plentong Hash the week before. As a consolation, Panjang brought us to enjoy the trail (half of it). We started from a new rv point - Cafe Ruza Jalan Kijang, for a change. New faces joined our ride this time.

Went to Flora Heights and into the foray of rubber plantation in Seri Alam. A reverse of what used to be the end of trail when I started riding in Seri Alam.

Started with a climb, then ascending rodeo style. It was terribly awesome!

(a bit lazy to report about the ride this time)

group photo after a few strokes of badminton, and adjusting my handlebar sweep.

Total route was 20+ km that day. And we went home quite early.

What's different this time is that I rode my new hardtail offroad. A whole lot difference that I can feel, especially when climbing up. I dare say that climbing hills are fast and easy, except that I have to learn my seating position during climbing with a hardtail.

Overall I enjoyed this outing - the route particularly, plus my new sweet rig.

Dafi with his new pair of shoes (and clipless CBs) admiring his own Merida

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