akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 30 December 2008

RTW 30.12.2008

Perhaps the last RTW this year. And many more kilometers for next year!

Stats today (to):
  • Riding to work, distance covered 12.9 km.
  • Average speed is at 20.1 km/h (improvement of 0.1 km/h)
  • Max speed 38.3 km/h
  • Travel time 38 min 23 sec (improvement of 8 seconds)
Overall the ride this morning is about the same as last Tuesday.

Also, I went out quite early this morning - 0648 hours.
I like the fact that I'm able to enjoy the scenic view of the cloud when dawn breaks, with the red/orange streaks along the horizon.

InsyaAllah, for the next RTW I'll try to count the number of cars/vehicles that I met along the journey - as a measure of how safe the route is. And the number of dogs as well. Sheeshh...

Ahh, yes... measured the highway part that I used - as reported last week, it is about 20 meters (hey, my distance estimation is quite good, eh).


azizan abd aziz said...

RTW with d bangla again today:-) hehe...It's common scenario here in kl. Mostly I met Indons and Banglas/Nepalese. Here got Indon female riders as well...Haha. I don't know what happen to our Malaysian riders...Maybe most of us are just into sports. That's why I initiated cyclefriday! Managed to inspire a few riders to RTW and get to know regulars like Kelolo, Riezal, Dino, Rudon, White bicycle, Panahsakti. Coming soon Najib and Han fr USJ my housing area. I will be guiding them on d routes. I guess there are others in klang valley but haven't met them.

akmalhizam said...

Huhu... multinational RTW.
The preparation for RTW is almost the same as for sports (futsal, badminton), but the safety conscious for RTW is much higher because you're always on the road. I guess if people get their mindset straight, there's no probs.

Good for you guys in USJ. Way to go! Soon when you're a regular, others would take notice and perhaps join the fun. Heck, you'll be featured in the news too!