akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday, 9 January 2009

RTW 09.01.2009


Last night Mak asked me to send her to Post Office on Friday morning. A better (and much safer) way is for Mak to have the car for herself so that she wouldn't have to get a taxi to get back home from PO.
And for me, I can Cycle Friday.

Three days in a week RTW this week. Tomorrow's a working Sat, so another one insyaAllah.

Unfortunately I didn't reset my Velo8, and so no stats for today's RTW.
Oh, but there were 2 good doggies. One appeared injured, limping. Pity her.

One more thing to add: My Velo8 will hit millennium in a short while. At the time of typing, it's already 995 km total. Woohoo!


azizan abd aziz said...

Congrats for the 1k mileage. Honestly I find that the best way to accumulate mileage is by cycling to work:-) so that we have that energy for the weekend ride. I find that I don't need night ride anymore after beginning riding to work to accumulate that mileage. Except for Putrajaya Critical Mass which is just to meet up with friends. Cycling to work fits for a busy person as well who doesn't have time to exercise.

akmalhizam said...

I agree with you. Still, I enjoy night rides because it's a group ride. Currently doing RTW only solo.
Honestly, I kinda feel something missing when driving to work this morning. Perhaps endorphin...