akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 22 January 2009

RTW 22.01.2009

Wow... alhamdulillah it's a personal RTW record for me so far.
Three days straight starting from Tuesday, I rode to work.

This morning I went out the earliest so far - 0637 hours.
Took some time to take some photos.
One good thing about not having my Velo8 on board is that I don't seem to bother about the stats. I pedaled gracefully, relaxed and enjoyed the whole ride.

sunrise behind Kip Mart Masai towards Taman Bukit Dahlia. No vehicles at sight, plus no dogs!

another attempt to capture the beauty of nature at Taman Bukit Dahlia.

Arrived at the office at 0721 hours. About 45 minutes of sweet ride.
There are not as many vehicles on the road as my usual 'late' rides. Less traffic means much safer and less smoke (BTW, I intend to get one of those smog mask). Also, the dogs are nowhere to be seen. Ha!

my favourite part of the route - from Stadium Pasir Gudang leading to Pasir Gudang Highway (towards MMHE/Johor Port).


Afrezal Karim said...

we have similar pics on daily RTW :).congrats dude.happy riding

akmalhizam said...

But your photos are much, much nicer.
Ride safe, bro.