akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Marsya rides!

my heart leapt to see her riding her bike all by herself.
Only a few weeks earlier she begged me to take of the training wheels on her red bike. She was adamant (and confident) that she could ride the bike on two wheels, having ridden it for many short trips to the playground in our housing area. I have my doubt, but seeing her with such confidence, I couldn't say no.

It followed with a few rounds of back and forth on the street in front of our house. Me guiding her with her first foray into two-wheeled balancing experience. Of course, not much progress on the first try. Perhaps too, I'm not that good a teacher. After that, I was a bit busy and couldn't attend to her acquiring the balancing skills.

She kept on trying, though. One day she came in the house and showed her chest red with minor scratch and bruise from a bike fall. Her tone was unlike asking for a sympathy. "Macam Ayah dengan Adam luka jatuh basikal", she said, sounded almost like an accomplishment.

And she told me she could already ride her bike. Assisted by the boy next door Rahul and his sister Natasha, she learned how to ride. Thanks, guys.

Marsya on two wheels

And last Saturday, I watched from upstairs for the first time, Marsya riding her bike - on two wheels. I smiled.

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