akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 5 March 2009

parking in the pantry - got noticed

That's my hardtail parked in my office pantry, my usual spot whenever I RTW.

Notice the notice? Yesterday someone put it up (the white rectangle, top left in the photo, and below) on an unused office cubicle divider in the pantry. From the text, it is directed towards me, and also my office mate Yad who also RTW once in a while.

I talked to my boss, and found out that he's not the one putting up the notice. He's okay with me stashing my bike there. No problem for me, then.

So I jot down a reply on the notice and asked the person to contact me to discuss the matter further. For the record, I receive no call from anybody about the matter, so far. Hence I'll continue on parking my bike there. At least as long as the written off chairs and unused dividers are still there, to be fair.

Err... notice the new wheelset?
the notice from anon.


Man CIOCC said...


One thing for sure, this person don't own a bike!

Anonymous said...

penulis notis ni kita tangakap pastu rendam kat tasik.. hehe

akmalhizam said...

Yeah, I think so too. I'll ask him/her to be sure, if there's an opporturnity for that discussion.

jafa @ the panjang said...

aku tak minat sgt pasal notis tu. tu pompuan tu.. sah2 dia tak naik basikal. tak tau menilai serti kehadiran sebuah basikal. haha..

crossride aa?
dah ramai dah anak beranak kita pakai tu.. ko, aku, jor tengkorak. sharul pon nyaris beli ari tu. haha..

nanti kita 'cross ride' sekali lagi ngan crossride baru.. mau?

redsent said...

handal la bro parking dlm pantry..hehehh...saya kna park depan foyer opis jer...tambat kat pagar n cabut tayar depan..lock skali dgn body...btw...br seminggu RTW...insyaAllah next week carry on..

Anonymous said...

kalau aku... aku cari sampai dapat sama yg tulis notis tu....

Unknown said...

you made a smart move by opening up for a discussion with that fella. congratulation!

mohdhaslanr said...

whomever gave the notice should actually have a courtesy to identify who was he/she so that in any wvwnt you could just talk to the person directly....no need to write notice like that....she/he should have
a- emailed you
b- called you
c- smsed you

akmalhizam said...

I received the highest number of comments for any of my blog entry so far for this one. Thank you, all, for your comments.

Up to this moment, there's no one contacting me for a discussion.

For me, the notice is a bit unfair. The pantry is shared between my office and another, being on the same floor. The other office did some spring cleaning (or was it renovation?) some time ago. There were no qualms from our side when they put the unused chairs and cubicle dividers in there. Also, the janitor has been parking her pail, mop and such in the pantry all these while. So, the notice should be addressed to ALL, not just for people parking 'vehicles' in there.

I don't know who put the notice up, and I don't bother about it anyway. If from my own office, he/she could talk to me. If the person is from elsewhere, my extension number is there and a discussion can be had. Well, my name is on my bike, and the person could find my extension number (and email address) in the company directory if he/she really wanted to make a discussion with me in the first place, to be fair.

It is interesting to know what the person has in mind, in addition from the notice that he/she put up. That's why I asked for a discussion. Well, that's why I put up this entry in the first place.

Oh yes, and also for me to put up a photo of my birthday present wheelsets too...

Anonymous said...

org busuk hati..takleh tgk org senang sikit

ZulhishamMK said...

bro..ko tau tak kenapa yg nie byk comments??? sebab post yg nie boleh gossip...kutuk2...baru syiok bagi komen...hehehe...
anyway..ada beberapa sebab benda ni berlaku:
1. lu pakai beskal yg dia dah lama geram...tapi tak mampu beli...
2. lu parking beskal tempat dia nak park motor or keter kebal dia...so lu dah potong line dia bro
3. lu kaco tempat dia mengulat...tido dan mengumpat
4. dia consider lu dah masuk kategori org belagak..baru pakai beskal parking dlm pantry...kalo lu pakai merc..sure lu park kat tepi cubical lu
5. lu dah lama tak ride dgn dia...sebagai balasan..dia nak hancurkan reputasi lu (tu klw ko satu opis ngan aku..aku buat mcm ni la)

bro..semalam aku g kemensah...hehehe..buat loop yg 12km je...tapi mcam haram..3-4 kali steroid frim ler bro