akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday 13 March 2009

RTW 13.03.2009 - upped my average speed

I went out at 0648 hours. Stats today (to):
  • Distance: 12.43km (huhu... a little shortcut today)
  • Average speed: 22.3 km/h. Finally, I hit above 22.
  • Max speed: 37.1 km/h
  • Ride time: 33 mins 28 secs
  • Total ride time: about 40 minutes (traffic lights, crossing the road, etc.)
  • Number of doggies: nil

Thanks largely to Borhan, I took a little shortcut today, an abandoned road from PG to Masai, along the TNB quarters. Also I went along the shophouses in Taman Mawar, before hitting the traffic light and the long flat road towards Stadium Pasir Gudang, Police Station and Fire Station. The twist saved me about 400 meters.

But that's not all to it. Due to the flat terrain, I managed to increase my average to above 22 km/h - some sort of a small goal of mine. Of course, my ride time is also shaved a few minutes. More to it is the exhilirating feeling that you get when you achieve something, however small it may be.

The next goal: not set yet.

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