akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Friday 10 April 2009

RTW 10.04.09

I went out at 0707 hours. Not a good habit nowadays, going out after 0700.
Stats today (to):

Distance: 12.31km
Average speed: 24.4 km/h.
Max speed: 37.1 km/h
Ride time: 31 mins 23 secs
Total ride time: about 37 minutes (traffic lights, crossing the road, etc.)
Number of doggies: nil

My average is about the same as yesterday's.The thing is, like yesterday, I pushed a little more than usual. Stopped for traffic only twice, and managed to be in 44/11 ratio most of the time.

Next ride would be experimental - clipless and leisurely. That is, if I go out real early. Nevertheless, I enjoy having the early morning sun accompanying me with my ride.


Afrezal Karim said...

oh yaa not to forget the breeze feeling in morning :)

KPC said...

yay.........hash ni kita ride sesama lagi!!!!

akmalhizam said...

Riezal: Yes, yes! Always I cherish that.

Fino: Nampak nama kau dah register, terus aku plan utk pegi, siap mimpi2 lagi.
(oit, salah entry la komen kau ni).