akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 7 May 2009

RTW - 07.05.09

I went out at 0704 hours. Simply horribly LATE. Well, everyone went out a bit late this morning.

Stats today (to):
Distance: 13.79km (plus 1.5km than the usual)
Average speed: 21.9 km/h
Max speed: 40.7 km/h (the downhill besides Pusat Bandar Pasir Gudang)
Ride time: 37 mins 46 secs
Total ride time: about 46 minutes (longer route)
Number of doggies: 2 - good ones

A bit leisurely ride this morning, after 4 days off the saddle. Yesterday didn't RTW due to rain, and my beloved wife offered to give a lift to the office. Sayang awak!

I missed the usual cross junction at the Jalan Masjid traffic light, while steadily pedaling uphill. Went straight instead and took the next traffic light ahead, turning at Jalan Bandar towards the secondary school. Great.

Extra 1.5 km this morning, and plus 6 minutes. Just what I need. Extra km for preparation of this weekend's klmbh epic (yeah, right). Ah, and I enjoyed the downhill near Pusat Bandar Pasir Gudang - the traffic light over there was co-operative this morning.
Thank you.

View Trek TNB Pasir Gudang in a larger map

I drove through that road only last 2 days, but I didn't notice that the short mtb track opposite Restoran Sasa has been scraped to level. A classic case of 'you see more when riding a bicycle'. I didn't stop for the 1 minute standstill in honor of the marvellous track, though. Was a bit late this morning to work, remember?

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