akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday 18 May 2009

a week without cycling

It was a week without cycling last week.

Didn't do any RTW, and didn't go for any offroad ride. Missed the Kota Tinggi Rainforest Hash. Okay, except for the few rounds around the housing area with kids on Saturday evening.

Thankfully the bash last week was quite dry, so the bike doesn't need to be washed (read: m/a/l/a/s).

How does it feel? Hmm... different. As in *lembab*. Got to have some spinning on the pedals this week. Felt like doing the RTW this morning, but I can't. Anyway, the lembabness got me. Would have to have a strong will to re-start on Wednesday.

However, I was able to get into facebook (wow, so many updates after a long while) and found this photo from Cycling Asia. A consolation for the week.

BC Kelolo and me at KLMBH Epic Bash #176
photo by Arif Salleh, Cycling Asia


Ahmad Kadafi said...

memang classic ini gambar boleh masuk front page

reza! said...

wah, glamor..