akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Saturday 17 October 2009

seri alam offroad ride - 11.10.2009

Photos here.

Got the riding license from my missus.

To maximise the riding experience, I cycled all the way to Taman Scientex after a short breakfast at home. Riding the t-bolt for 13km on road was (pheww!) a bit taxing for me. 40 minutes, like last week, and I'm there. The lockout on my fork really made a difference - I could feel the tarmac, giving a solid feel of the ride.

As I have had my breakfast, I took some photo of other riders, and their different rigs. Yahya with his new Specialized Epic, Panjang with his adopted Xtension Xplorer. Took a spin on both bikes. The Epic's length seemed a bit short for me - I feel like scrunched pedaling, although it's size is M which should suit me. Perhaps a laidback seatpost and a longer stem would be the remedy. Macam laa aku nak beli. The Xtension: berat nak mampos. With Fox 36 Talas up front, however, one would not be bothered by the weight bombing downhill or tackling any bumpy obstacles. With that, I presumed, the ride for that day would be a bit shorter than usual. Heh heh hehh...

We went offroad via Nusa Damai and kovil in the palm oil plantation,  towards Seri Alam. First mishap happened just as we exited the plantation. Yad's first tube change ever. The culprit? About half-inch long nail.

Carried on offroad in Seri Alam. Upon entering, the t-bolt felt different. It was like, much better than I had ridden before. Macam tak jadi nak jual pulak... Well, that's the more reason to let it go. I wouldn't be riding it all the time if I keep it anyway, so I'd love to hand it over to another who would enjoy it better. Amacam, ada beran?

After the climb from halfway of Bukit Anjing, came the payback - the downhill. Kadafi tested the sweetness of Xtension rig, going downhill on the saddle. I was the last one down, and boy, I enjoyed it much better than my many other rides there this time. Like I said, it was different. Amacam, nak rasa tak? Beli laa t-bolt aku tu. The plushness of Fox Float R rear shock is amazing. Compared to a hardtail, that is. The same also going through the rock garden section. It was really exhilirating bobbing down much faster than my usual. Until I had to come to a stop, for I didn't look for a proper line. I managed to stop just before the big gap, and released my cleats. Whew! Deore M595 hydraulic brakes did the job nicely. And I think I'm accustomed to the XT clipless pedals now, releasing them in such emergency. I turned my head to look who's behind me, and that's when Panjang fell on his bike. I didn't manage to capture the split-second moment with my camera, though.

Panjang received a few gashes on his knee. At the stop after the rock garden (no, not at Dura Ace), I took out the first aid kit and we nursed his wound. Took a photo of the gash, but I decided not to put in the album. Aurat tu.

We headed to Tasik. On the way, I stopped for a little while on a bridge for I was amazed by the clear water running underneath. Took some time to take photos, with Jamal behind me. Then we realized that the others were already gone. We tried to look for tire tracks, and of the 3 prongs at the clearing, we decided to take the middle one. Jamal and I made one or two backtracks, and I remembered that we have to turn right into the rubber plantation. Saw some tire marks there, and to make sure of it I tried to call the ones in front. No good coverage over there, I had to raise my mobile up in the air. I managed to call Yad, and at that time he's already nearby. Apparently, the group in front sent back 3 macho heroes to look for us - Kadafi, Yad and Amirul (not in handsomeness order). And alhamdulillah, thinking about it, we were not that bad.

On towards the lake. The way in via palm oil trees has become thick with overgrowth. Just as we entered the clearing right after that, I was perturbed to see the different landscape that I had known before. Much, much different. The shoreline is now receded, there are greens on what used to be water, and most of all, we could easily cross the lake without getting wet at all.

Going back, we went via construction site of UniKL & MRSM Seri Alam - the desert. Right then I knew, besides the torturing desert ride, I have to endure Flora Heights' 3 hills. Man... Well, I summoned for a rest at the downhill section entering to FH right after the desert. Really needed that rest, and to gather my mental strength. One small hill towards FH, and 3 more after that to reach home. I managed to go through them (without cursing) at a slow pace, and stopped by Esso at Seri Alam for my reward. Gulped down a bottle of 100 Plus like nobody's business under a cool shady tree over there by the roadside. The 2 km ride home after that was manageable. I guess I replenished enough such that I could wash the bike and do some house chores without much problem.

One regret, though. Takde satu pun gambar aku untuk ride kali ni. Hampehh!

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