akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Saturday 17 October 2009

RTW - 16.10.2009 Cycle Friday!

School was closed yesterday due to Deepavali holiday extension, and that meant I could RTW. In conjunction with the spirit of Cycle Friday, I rode my t-bolt to work. The initial plan was to rebuild Bianchi. That has to be postponed due to lack of time.

No stats, for I have not installed the meter. I guess it was the average RTW. I went out at 7:04am, and reached office 39 minutes later. 5 good doggies along the way. I was dreaded to climb up the hill towards the traffic light at Masjid Jamik Pasir Gudang. The pace was slow, and I managed to reach it anyway.

The parking lot at my workplace is being renovated in order to get more parking space possible. Thus, Pasir Gudang highway at the section nearby MMHE is being lined with cars. The scenery is much like the ones found at housing areas having wedding reception, or streets nearby rock concert venues, or any of the uptown/downtown/pasar karat/karut areas. As such, it makes it easier for me to cross the highway to make the right turn towards the workplace. I rode along with other vehicles crossing. There are so many vehicles, such that the ones going towards JB have to stop for quite some time in order to wait for us to cross.

The security guard at the gate stopped me, and asked "you're wearing shorts going to work?". I explained to him that I'll change into work clothes at the office. Another guard gave me his thoughts on how Pasir Gudang is full of smog, compared to kampung. I explained to him that I go through housing areas instead of the highway, but at the same time I realised that I could save each others' time if I just nod in agreement.

RTW cum CF completed after a long break. Also, that was the first time I rode my T-Bolt to the office. Might be the last one, perhaps? If you're getting the frameset from me, it will be.

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