akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday 5 October 2009

Bolted Up - 04.10.2009

Saturday night Yad informed me that there'll be an offroad ride this morning. Missus didn't agree for me to go out until afternoon with the bike and buddies. The next best option for me (quietly): a round trip riding to Kafe Ruza and back home to Seri Alam a.k.a. Breakfast Ride.

I remedied the issue concerning the saddle last night following Yad's SMS.

After solat subuh, I queried the 'net and found the solution for the fork's wobble - I didn't take out the crown ring from Ritchey's headset (from Bianchi), and didn't use the T-Bolt's FSA crown ring. Well, it doesn't look like the normal crown ring. It's pretty much like a headset's slot ring. Anyway, I fixed the problem at about 7:00 am and ready to go for the ride.

For the drivetrain skipping issue, I decided to skip the issue altogether and leave it as it is - as barrier for me not to overindulge the ride. It's still rideable, anyway. Oh, adding to that, I brought with me only my handphone, RM6 loose change and ID. No water bottle or bladder bag. I'll have my drink at the cafe.
I put the Netti Equaliser on for a test ride. Went out at about 7:40 am and reached destination 40 minutes later.

The ride? Pretty exhausting. I miss the sweet acceleration of the hardtail already. I can't be sure whether it's the Eid's feasting or the depleted stamina, or the T-Bolt itself. Well, I put the blame on T-Bolt in order to keep myself happy.

With a nice breakfast of warm Milo and mi goreng basah, we chatted and keep up with each other. This is going to be my first ride in Syawwal, and for most of the guys too.

I met Uncle Md Nor at the cafe, finally. He's not prepared to follow us for this ride, although he did bring along his Giant Innova Disc in his car. Soon, Uncle, pretty soon.

8:40 am and we headed to Seri Alam through Nusa Damai and offroad in the palm oil plantation. I enjoyed the rear bounce going downhill towards the Hindu temple. Pure bliss, thanks to the plush as ever Fox Float R rear shock and trusty Rock Shox Revelation 409 in front.

We went to Balai Celup hill and rested there. Going down, again I enjoyed it too. The skipping RD didn't quite bother me at all. Panjang did try to coax me to go offroad with the rest of the guys. He's got spare drinks, spare tubes, et.al. to cover for me. No thanks, I really need to be home at around 10. My college friend Faizi is coming over today all the way from Edinburgh to visit. Have to help Naza getting the house nice and tidy and earn my riding licence points.

The rest of the guys went into Seri Alam trail at Kandang Kuda while I pedaled home with satisfaction. I must've pedaled more than 20km this morning. Love the feeling. Good to be back on the saddle again. And bouncing with the T-Bolt. Oh, and the Equaliser: the best riding shorts I've ever worn so far (massive credit goes to Gjoe in Changlun).

For the record, yesterday was Yad's comeback into Seri Alam's offroad since his mishap at PCP in March.

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