akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday 7 December 2009

06.12.2009 Seri Austin - Seelong offroad

It's one of my riding wishlist. Why? Because it's quite interesting how you could cut off kilometers of road going from Tebrau area to Seelong. We practically cut through the palm oil plantation straight to Jalan Seelong. Well, we didn't ride all the way to Seelong, just to a breakfast shack before the mosque near Kg. Sinaran Baru on Jalan Seelong. It is the old route people take to get to Senai airport. One of the attraction is Star Hill Golf Resort (well, that's the only one I know). Seelong is also home to Jalen soy sauce.

I went out of the house at 6.35am - the earliest so far, and reached Caltex petrol station on Pasir Gudang Highway at 6.45am (first time being punctual!), the rendezvous point for Kadafi, Reza and I. They arrived 10 minutes later, and we headed straight to Setia Indah to meet Helmy and have our breakfast at a mamak joint over there.

After breakfast we proceeded to Hafiz's house in Seri Austin to join the riding group. Quite a number turned out that morning, about 13 I think. The morning's weather is overcast, looking like it's going to rain. We eventually headed out at 8.45am, led by Hafiz. The first 4 kms were riding on tarmac, and we ventured into the plantation via a slim and short singletrack towards the plantation's wide lorry route. All of the offroad riding in the plantation is through this kind of track, so not much action really. The track was wet from the night's downpour, hence it's quite slippery and of course, muddy.

The track itself is not quite challenging, but the route chosen was mildly hilly at certain spots. I have to agree with Ali Tamago that the route is short, and suitable for speed riding. Or, in our case yesterday morning, a relaxed ride for a breakfast in Seelong. En route, we passed by the back of the golf resort, lined with small patches of vegetable farms, greeted by dogs. Yad should've followed us for this ride. I would enjoy the drama.

After a half an hour breakfast, we retracked the route and went back in the plantation up until the wooden bridge. Thereafter we took a right and proceeded into nearby housing area. The sign says 'Perjiranan 10'. Not in Pasir Gudang, but Bandar Dato Onn(!). Just beside it is Seri Austin, much to my delight. The time was 10.45am. The shortest offroad so far, and quickest one I think. Courtesy of Hafiz, we lined up to rinse our bikes.

About half an hour later I was already in the car in Pasir Gudang highway, destination home. 10 minutes later I was greeted by my beloved wife with a long, sweet kiss. Man, gotta have these sort of rides once in a while.

Stats of the ride:

Ride time
1h 9m 45s

Ave. speed
Max speed

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