akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday 16 December 2009

RTW 16.12.2009 - the 'no sweat' ride

As planned, alhamdulillah, I did the 'no sweat' ride this morning. Well, I didn't manage to make it without sweat. Albeit, I enjoyed the cooling effect when coasting downhill and leisurely rolling on the straight paths.
With only a plain, white tee and padded shy shorts, I pedaled from home quite early. The average speed is at 18 km/h much lesser than the usual 20. So, the total ride time is more than 40 minutes this morning. Of course, helmet and cycling shoes were also put on. I stuffed the multitool, keys, patch kit and spare tube in the wedge bag. The hand pump stowed on the downtube.
I tried hard not to strain the leg, as I felt I could go faster. All the time I felt the temptation to rush, which I successfully denied.
Perhaps the weather is a bit humid this morning following last evening's downpour. Or perhaps I need to lower down my speed. Or get a lighter bike for commuting to get the speed at 18 km/h average. I'm starting to picture a practical commuter already - 7x3 speed, rigid fork, pannier rack.
One more thing. Although if I do make it, RTW sans sweat, I don't think I could ride from home ready with work clothes on. My t-shirt's sleeves and front smell of exhaust fume. Sleeveless? Nope, not me. Too risqué.
Stats today:
Out from home


Arrive office



Ride time


 (47 mins DTD)


Ave. speed



Max speed




Horny doggies



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