akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Essential Roadside Repair Clinic

An officemate, fellow RTW rider, encountered a broken chain not long after pedaling out from his house to the office yesterday morning. The nearby bike shop in Taman Chendana opened quite early, circa 9.30 am.
Two things can be avoided, with some essential roadside repair knowledge, skills and necessary spare bits with tools:
1. much delayed journey
2. cutthroat fixing fee
It was very unfortunate that he had to take a half-day off due to that. What's equally surprising is that the shop charged him RM5 (!) for the job.
With that, I'm planning for an Essential Roadside Repair Clinic soon.
Tentatively it will cover the common repairs such as fixing a broken chain (yes, you guessed that right), changing inner tube, how to patch a tube and some tips and tricks.
The plan is to do it at the parking lot of Bukit Layang Layang Pasir Gudang (nearest to Darul Hanan Orphanage), on a Sunday morning.
You don't have to pay any fee, just pay your attention.
Oh, and you need to bring your own essential repair kit, tools and spare bits too.

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Unknown said...

Syabas tuan! Good move :)