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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Review: Deity Classic Grips

Deity Classic Grips - clean looking and, well, grippy
I got these about a couple of months ago, and has been using them on my XC rig since then. Offroad and on road use, full finger and half finger gloves, even with bare hands.

I'm not sure of the real function for the flanges on the inner end of the grips; and on these Deitys, they are not as tall as the normal ones you'd find on BMX bars. The design is as such so that it would not hinder the thumb movement and also not to restrict the shifter levers.

These are lock-on type secured on both ends with an allen key, and so they do not twist on the handlebar should you handle them roughly while gripping through offroad (although white knuckling is not really a good habit). Bar end closures are secured with an allen key, the same size as for the lock on rings.

The looks are decent and the build quality is good, with no visible untrimmed edges. The diamond knurled surface on the grips provide sureness along with the tacky rubber compound material. Be it with or without gloves, I get good grip on them even when my palms are sweaty. They are not too soft while not too hard or plasticky, and I guess Deity nailed it on the compound recipe. The design is simple and clean, with no assymmetrical details whatsoever. Just plain, diamond knurled profile surface, flanged lock-on grips.

I'm loving these now, for the grip it provides and its size fits my hands well - lengthwise, and diameter too. I find myself resting my thumbs' inners on the flange; and it feels, well, secure. Sort of.

See Deity's product page.

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