akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Monday, 3 January 2011

A Chance Meeting II

What are the odds, of meeting an mtb rider while browsing at an outdoor furniture yard in Masai? Throw in these remotely usual circumstances too: the rider's a girl, and she works at a bike shop while living in London.
Well, I happened to meet Zilla last Saturday while looking for a hardwood shelf for my telephone at her (temporary) workplace. While at times it seems cute when Umar is playing with the home phone as the receiver is longer than his head, I think it's better for the phone to be left undisturbed.
I've been to Oriental Allure a couple of times before, and there's where I bought my beautiful Rengas dinner table. However, I've never met her, and that's the first time I saw this girl manning the yard (not discriminating, but there's no such word as 'ladying').
Upon paying for the shelf, I saw a laptop with Specialized sticker on its front. Of course, I'm obliged to ask, "sapa kayuh basikal?". "Saya," came the reply.
Apparently, she owns a 2006 Stumpjumper FSR with Fox Talas, Mavic 717 rims laced to Hope hubs, XT crankset and FD, with SRAM X9 shifters and RD which she stores in her cabin at her workplace. Okay, I admit to have ogled at her bike a bit too much.
She's elated to know that there are singletracks nearby, in Seri Alam/Plentong. I asked her to join PG Gerek's usual Sunday ride, but she can't for she has to work because of a stocktake involving staff coming over from Kluang. Too bad.
I had to leave the shelf, for its bracket has to be drilled for me to mount it on the wall. I left my name and number for OAD to contact me when my shelf is ready. Went home to tend for Umar after that, and something tells me that she'd call me in regards of mountain biking.
True enough, she called and asked whether we organize night rides. I told her of PG Gerek's new year eve ride from Pasir Gudang to Danga Bay via Stulang, and our usual Friday night rides.
I related my new year acquaintance while riding offroad yesterday to the guys. They are keen to meet and ride with her, although I suspect something else when they asked "cun tak?" the moment I told them I met this girl with a Stumpy at Kota Putri. For me personally, of course, it would be great if she could share her experiences in London's LBS (and Evans Cycle, at some point).
Hopefully Zilla could join us this Friday for a repeat of PG Gerek's night ride from PG to DB. And, our usual Sunday offroad rides too. January would end before you know it, sis. Or perhaps you'll postpone getting back to London for a few months after sampling Plentong singletracks?
But yeah, returning to my wondering earlier, just what are the odds, eh? Truly a chance meeting.
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your rides, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Your post usually have at least one photo, shud hv one here.
The bike, the bike, not the gal !!!*(#!&#&!#!#(*!!

akmalhizam said...


haha... me don't have a good hp cam le.