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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Epicon Travel Adjust

have Epicon, can change travel (short or long)
A friend bought an Epicon for his hardtail and emailed me asking whether is it normal his fork being a bit stiff. Typical me, I answered him with some links and diagrams. For that, I had to google around and with that I stumbled upon other things as well.
Here is one of them, which is quite interesting: How to Adjust Epicon / Axon Fork Travel. The page is complete with diagram and step-by-step instructions, plus tips to boot, too. Interestingly, Aaron mentioned that Epicon's travel can be adjusted from 80 up to 140mm (at 20mm intervals). That's something I didn't know before this.
120mm on my current Epicon is a bit high for my hardtail XC setting; I feel a bit giddy. Getting it down to 100mm would be ideal, I suppose. There are a few things that I need to have before attempting to get my fork travel down to 100mm, though. Torque wrench, grease, pin driver and bench vise - I dont' have them. Perhaps a few hours doing it at an LBS would be the thing to do.
Oh, how I love my Epicon much more now.
Have a good day, and ride safe (short travel or long).
Thanks for coming over.
image taken from Aaron's How To page


magsob said...

bro...bila u sudah buat kasi update ye..i punye pon 120mm..nampak tinggi..tu nk tukar 100mm..tanya mamat buat fork servicing dia kata fork jadi tak smooth laa lepas adjust.ttapi kalo ikutkan step2 dia..cuma alihkan pin saja..rasa aku macam takdak problem kut..what say u..

akmalhizam said...

will write a review bila dah buat adjustment to 100mm. rasanya takkan ada jadi masalah macam tu.
tapi tengoklah dulu, time and parts availability.
nak kena tukar dust sleeve tu jugak tu.