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akmal's bike park

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Shimano SPDs - comparison

So, what's the difference between these three Shimano SPDs?

The difference? Weight.
XTR is lighter by 25 grams than XT.
XT is lighter by 2 grams than M540.
PD-M540, well, is the cheapest of those three.

Use the comparison tool on Shimano's website.
Click any of the pedals link above. It'll get you to Shimano's website, showing the product features tab. The tab next to it - 'compare'.
You can compare up to three products. Well, just nice. Compare the three above and see for yourself.

Top tip:
To get that XTR feel when you're only using PD-M540, may I suggest using a lighter pair of socks with your riding shoes. 27 grams lighter to be exact.
Scribbling the letters 'XTR' on the pedals is optional, to get the snobbish feeling. But then you'll be labelled a wannabe/poser.
Photos from Shimano's website

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