akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday 11 June 2009

RTW 11.06.09 - addicted to endorphin

Went out at 0706 hours. Reached office at 0748 hours.

Stats today (to):
  • Ride time: 35m 16s
  • Dist: 12.57 km
  • Ave: 21.4 km/h
  • Max: 39.4 km/h
  • Odo: 1988.5 km
  • Good doggies: 4
I was on MC yesterday, due to common colds. Again, I insisted on RTW this morning, since I had not done any cycling this week. For today, it's a different cause. I want to get some exercise. I want to feel good. Generally I guess, I'm addicted to endorphin - and not by eating chocolate (hmm... no wonder I found myself eating a bar of chocolate yesterday).

But wait, I also wanted to make this morning's RTW as leisurely as possible, and don't want to break sweat. Hmmm... how can I get endorphin without breaking sweat. Quite a contradictory situation.

Anyway, I pedaled on, enjoying the views as usual. Really relaxed pedaling, trying to have a constant cadence - thus played the gearings all the way.

Surprisingly, this relaxed riding again repeated the previous outcome. My total riding time is still about 40 minutes. Only added 2-3 minutes from the usual strenous pedaling.

Met a lot of dogs on the road this morning. I guess they haven't got their breakfast yet so they're not as playful (read: aggressive) as a dog would be upon sighting a bicyclist. However, the dog in my residential area barked at me as I was passing in front of its owner's house. Perhaps he's gotten his breakfast already. Perhaps...

I saw another rider from MMHE yesterday afternoon. Ramesh went home from work riding his bike. At a very relaxed pace. So that's the 2-in-1 inspiration for today's ride.

Glad to see another rider on the road. And I know there's one less car in the yard's parking space.

Oh yeah, and I was sweating as usual. Leisurely or not, it's a sure thing. Sheeshh...

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