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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Drool - Crank Brothers' seatpost and cockpit lineup

Iodine 3 stem - beautifully engineered
It was reported by Bike Radar mid April, so this is actually old news for some.
I've always been an admirer of CB's offering, but never able to be a proud owner of one. $ is a factor, surely. However, I've always enjoyed drooling over their products. Beautifully engineered mountain bike parts and accessories.
They are renowned for their pedals and accessories; then they churned out the wheelsets, quick release and adjustable seatpost; and now they've completed the portfolio of third party mountain bike parts with the cockpit. Unveiled were the stems, handlebars and grips; with rigid seatposts to boot.
For now, partly due to the parts are not readily available at LBS around JB (while $ being the other bigger factor), I can only imagine my bike to have these:
EPX Hollowpoint frame at current setup for the drivetrain, with:
Cobalt wheelsets
Iodine 3 stem - love the silding faceplate (Cobalt's I think is impractical - you have to slide the handlebar in)
Cobalt 3 zero offset seatpost
Iodine 3 handlebar - I'm used to a raised bar instead of flat
Iodine kraton grip - I think much better than the foam (are you kidding?), since their prices are the same.
Hmm... and put the bike on permanent display.
Well, dreaming is free, innit?
See the photo gallery on Bike Radar.
Head on to CB's website for the full lineup of gorgeous mtb parts.
Iodine 3 photo nicked from Bike Radar photo gallery


setan kurus said...

niceee......ada duit semua boleyyy kan?...tada kalu...droollll aje la......hehe....

akmalhizam said...

sedap aje camtu, pegi kedai main tunjuk aje dapat.
habes basah meja aku aritu, dok leleh.