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akmal's bike park

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


We all love tips, especially waiters and waitresses.
Well, I do too, but in my line of work, that kind of tips would be construed as bribes. Anyway, this is not about that.
Tips are  simple, cheap, tried and tested ways of doing things. Basically re-purposing non-special tools or bits, usually common things around us, to make our lives easier. You can say, for some instances, they are pocket and life savers.
Head on to:
There are 10 tips (so far). They're practical, cheap and easy to follow.
Tips therein:
Tip 1 Talc up your tyres

Tip 2 Avoid cable rub - my favourite
Tip 3 Check your cleats
Tip 4 Freshen up your camelbak
Tip 5 Bite your bars
Tip 6 Repair torn tyres - I used this for a fellow biker during Batu Pahat jamboree

Tip 7 Keep your shades safe

Tip 8 Double Tube your tyres

Tip 9 Brush up on your cleaning

Tip 10 Stop squealing brakes

More tips in here:
My one favourite tip that I picked up from an episode of CSI, as rhymed by Catherine:
'righty tighty, lefty loosey'
However, it is only applicable to standard threaded screws and bolt & nuts.
On a bike, these are on the reverse:
1. BB thread on the RHS (drive side) - for ISO/English thread
2. Pedal, on the LHS crank (non-drive side)
To remember this, use 'Pedal it right' - Right Hand Side pedal has the 'right' i.e. 'correct' (or standard) thread
and the opposite for BB thread.
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a good day!

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