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akmal's bike park

Thursday 23 September 2010

Striking a Balance

[very much as a note to self]
I'm not like a couple of riders I know, whom spouses are riders too. Sometimes I do envy them (don't we all?). They have it easier, enjoying mountain biking. But hey, our lives are different, and we have to make do and adapt.
My wife would sometimes pull a long face while I'm getting ready for a ride. And I would be silent whenever she asks the question that she already knows the answer to,
     "what time are you coming back?"
I take it that she's wishing me "have a good time on the trails, and be safe iye Sayang. I'll have your lunch ready when you reach home with hugs and kisses too" without being too romantic and to keep it short that early in the morning.
It turns out that I'm not alone. That's why I'm sharing this article with you.
How To Ride Your Bike Without Your Wife (or Husband) Hating You
Read the full article here.
my weblog:
A few of the Spousal Tips put forth therein works nicely for me (us), but the first one (Start Earlier) needs a LOT of effort from my riding buddies. The last ride I participated in was scheduled at 8.30 but we started rolling at 8.45 am. I would have to start memorising a few short trails and go ride by myself (okay, perhaps with one or two others for sake of safety) when the itch kicks in but not having the luxury of time.
As for the others:
- Get a schedule - lesser offroad rides for me now, when we agreed for me to go only during non-working weekends (I work on alternate Saturdays). That means only twice per month, but I got my fix through RTWs, so I'm quite okay with that.

- When you are at home... be at home - still working on it :)

- Flowers always work - yes, they do

- Set a time to be home (even though you will probably break it) - well, pretty much okay. I try to be home at around 1 pm and 'be at home' (see above). If I do go outside of my normal trail, I'll make sure wifey is notified of the slightly extended wanderings.

- Drive yourself to the trailhead - I usually ride the bike from home to the RV point, and get back home straight from the trail where we exit (usually around 1 pm). I cut the time by not having lunch outside, and no time required for strapping the bike to a car.
May our homes are blessed and hope that our lives are balanced.
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a good life!


Anonymous said...

then...to keep your balance you must keep pedaling...ha haa ha haaaa!:D

Mat_Yoe said...

Salam ziarah....

hehe..menarik artikel ni. mintak izin nak share ye...

akmalhizam said...

Indeed, indeed.
Nice one.

Alhamdulillah. Silakan, silakan. Ini pun ambik link dari tempat lain juga...

aminudin@amienze said...

minta izin share the link with friends ... good info. for "most" tegar riders ...

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that. What more with 7 bikes at home, still need to ride Saturday Sunday.
My usual excuse on riding and upgrading: Sayang prefer abang gi cycle and upgrade basikal ke or perabih duit kat club belanja awek ?
Tht wud silence her.