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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

First Test - Sportourer Jammy Gel Grips

A new pair of wings for my handlebar.
I found these ugly but comfy pair at Nick Yeap's store in The Zon Stulang Laut. After a quick haggling, I parted RM85 from my wallet (the price tag was originally RM120, then slashed to RM99). It was without the box, but I can tell that they're new unused. From the info I gather, they're Selle Italia Sportourer Jammy Gel.
Yes, Selle Italia.
From Dr. Luigi Cugola:
this grip design reduces possibility of carpal tunnel pathologies
Really? You could get that from riding a bike?
I took them for the first test on my RTW on Monday with half finger gloves, and today, without gloves. First impression, they're not as comfortable with gloves as the Specialized's BG Ergo lock grips (bought RM80 during that time) that I have used for close to a year now. Or as sexy, for that matter. The grip is a bit bulky, and felt snug when used without gloves. Well, I tried it on at the store without gloves, in the first place.
There's an array of vent holes along the grip, but I think due to manufacturing technique or something else, they are not effective. I tried to blow through the end of the grip before installing them on the handlebar, but it's like blowing into a hot water rubber bag. No air vented through the holes. Anyway, the holes are really small. If your hands are greasy or with dirt, it is enough to block the pores. Well, my hands were sweaty without gloves. So, I take it as only cosmetic addition to make them look loaded with technology.
The compound is quite tacky. I've no slippage problem while using gloves or without. I could feel the tackiness of the grip while using it without gloves. The cushion is adequate, meaning that they are soft but still hard enough to retain the shape and support the palms.
I like the way how my palms and thumbs are completely supported on the grips, they are able to relax. Pure ergonomics. I actually decided to buy these because the way the thumbs are taken care of in the design. Love at the first grip.
For Specialized's BG Ergo lock grips, I feel like there's a compromise for the grip while pedalling off-saddle. Fingertips of the rest of the fingers are somewhat 'hanging', not really gripping wholly while the thumbs are fully wrapping the grip. However, these pairs aren't like that. The underneath of the grip has a brickwall textured area for the fingers to grip on.
They are made in Italy, as embossed on the bottom of the grips. However, the appearance are not as good as you would expect from all things Italian. Hey, even them La Cosa Nostra appear dapper, don't they? Anyway, looks are secondary for me as long as they're functional.
There's still another pair left at NY's shop when I took these uglies home, if you want to get yours. Come down to JB, dude.
Sportourer's Jammy Gel page for your reference.
See more quotes in Sportourer's catalog.


QQ said...

nice info bro..when i can get 1 for my cannondale...hehehe.

Ben Soon said...

Hi Akmal, you've made the right choice. Good that you're getting a comfortable grip. I've been using the Ergon GC2 for some years now and it's difficult to go back to conventional grip once you've gotten used to it

akmalhizam said...

I highly recommend the Specialized BG ergo lock grips. Looks and feels better. Contact GH Speedbikes (Specialized boutique, KL). Last time I check, they don't have much in stock, Price has gone up to 80+ (used to be 79.

Yup, now feeling a bit strange when using normal grips. LOL!